Fall 2023 Vol. 22 No. 2

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Spring 2023 Vol. 22 No. 1

Journal of Religious Leadership-Vol.-22_No-1_Spring-2023

Introduction to the 2023 Spring Journal of Religious by Leadership Robert K Martin

Taking Responsibility – Reframing Christian Leadership by Neil J. Dougall

Vulnerability in Leadership: Its Concrete Expression and the Courage to Embrace It by Chloe Lynch

Embodied Influence: Using a Power Audit to Reflect on the Distribution and Enactment Of Social Power in Group Context by Susan L. Maros

Rob Dixon

Resisting the Moving Sidewalk: Ministry as Christopraxis and Metanoia by John Senior

Book Reviews

Emotional Intelligence 2.0 by Travis Bradberry and Jean Greaves, Reviewed by Jeff Clawson

Circles in the Stream: Index, Identification and Intertext – Reading and Preaching the Story of Judah in Genesis by Paul E. Koptak, Reviewed by Neil Dougall

Loss and Discovery: What the Torah Can Teach Us about Leading Change by Russell M. Linden, Reviewed by Neil Dougall

Navigating the Future: Traditioned Innovation for Wilder Seas by Ian Parkinson, Reviewed by L. Roger Owens

Normalizing Next: A Post-COVID-19 Resource for Church Leaders by Olu Brown, Reviewed by Andrew Rutledge

The Church After Innovation: Questioning our Obsession with Work, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship by Andrew Root, Reviewed by Thomas F. Tumblin

A Postcolonial Leadership: Asian Immigrant Christian Leadership and its Challenges by Choi Hee An, Reviewed by Michael Young

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Fall 2022 Vol. 21 No. 2

Presidential Address and Introduction to Autumn 2022. Connection and Community: Leadership in an Age of Alienation and Isolation by Sandra Selby

Leading for Belonging: The Organic Intellectual as Alternative to Evangelical Megachurch Leadership by Phil Allen Jr.

Developing Young Adult Leaders for 48 the Church and the World by Emily A. Dykman

Courageous and Connected: Hospitality Leads the Way in the Digital Age by Laura Murray

Opportunities in Liminal Space for Co-creating Connection and Community in a VUC A World by Lisa R. Withrow

Engaging White Leaders in Racial Justice Work in an Era of Alienation and Isolation by Susan L. Maros, Jessica Vaughan Lower, and Christopher Brooks

How Can We Learn Across Difference? A Conversation ab out Ethical Research and Writing vis-à-vis Identity and Positionality by Robert K. Martin,  Kristina I. Lizardy-Hajbi, Susan J. Dunlap Dale L. Lemke, and Jason A. Miller

Book Reviews

Leading With The Sermon: Preaching As Leadership

By:William H. Willimon

Reviewed by Neil Dougall

Faithful Leaders And The Things That Matter Most

By: Rico Tice

Reviewed by Ricardo P. Moore

Managing The Unexpected: Sustained Performance In A Complex World, 3rd. Ed.

By: Karl E. Weick and Kathleen M. Sutcliffe
Reviewed by Thomas F. Tumblin

Understanding Christian Leadership

By: Ian Parkinson
Reviewed by Alan Wilson

Spring 2022 Vol. 21 No. 1

Book Reviews

Ten Commandments for Church Reform: Memoirs of a Catholic Priest
By: John Wijnaards
Reviewed by Sharon Henderson Callahan

Sustaining Grace: Innovative Ecosystems for New Faith Communities
By: Scott J. Hagley, Karen Rohrer, and Michael Gehrling, editors.
Reviewed by Kevin Long

The Art and Science of Leadership (7th Edition)
By: Afsaneh Nahavandi
Reviewed by David Penno

The Congregation in a Secular Age: Keeping Sacred Time Against the Speed of Modern Life.
By: Andrew Root
Reviewed by Scott Szabo

Leadership, God’s Agency & Disrupt ions: Confronting Modernity’s Wager.
By: Mark Lau Branson and Alan J. Roxburgh
Reviewed by Michael Wilson

Unlocking Leadership Mindtraps: How to Thrive in Complexity
By: Jennifer Garvey Berger
Reviewed by Lisa Withrow

Living at the Next Level: Leader’s Edition
By: Courtney McBath
Reviewed by Michael D. Young

Fall 2018 Vol. 17 No. 2

Presidential Address, 2018 – The Formation and Teaching of Religious Leadership:
A Sacred and Complex Calling in Complex Times by Terri Martinson Elton

Adventures into Digital Teaching, Learning, and Formation: A Case Study from Wartburg Theological Seminary by Kristine Stache and Craig L. Nessan

Surfacing Emotions to Teach Leadership by Rob Muthiah

I’m Just American: Facilitating Seminary Students Reflections Regarding the Impact of Whiteness on Vocational Formation by Susan L. Maros

Faltering Steps: Imagining Our Way Across the Seminary-Church Divide by Mark Miller-McLemore

Coming off the Tracks: Identifying (and Avoiding) Derailing Behaviors by John L. Bennett and Julie M. Gawle

Spring 2018 Vol. 17 No. 1

This volume was not published

Fall 2012 Vol. 11 No. 2

The Ecology of Vocation by Scott Cormode, Emily Click, Terri Elton, Theresa Latini, Susan Macos, and Lisa Withrow

The Teaching of Leadership by Norma Cook Everist

Learning Religious Leadership In Situ by Will Houts and David R. Sawyer

2012 Fall Introduction by Kristine Stache

Insisto Rector: Provocative Play for Serious Leadership Learning by Russell W. West and Robert K. Martin

Fall 2002 Vol. 1 No. 2