The Academy of Religious Leadership (ARL) exists to:

enhance religious leadership education;
convene a scholarly roundtable of leadership educators and professional
practitioners for the purpose of faculty development and community; and
foster and disseminate leadership education and research.

Academy of Religious Leadership
is excited to announce the

2018 Annual Meeting

Theme: The Formation and Teaching of Religious Leadership

April 12-14, 2018
Marriott City Center –Minneapolis, MN

Cost: $150 for ARL Member and
$200 for non-members

Religious leadership is a complex enterprise. Multi-faceted by nature religious leadership engages theology and draws upon leadership theories; requires particular understandings and competencies as well as abilities to read contexts and situations; and includes personal and communal formation in addition to leading existing communities. While debates over approaches to the formation and teaching of religious leadership have taken place before the changing national and global religious landscape provides a prime opportunity for teachers, scholars, and practitioners to take another look at this topic. What enduring understandings and capacities are most critical for religious leadership today? How do theology, theory, and practice inform each other when it comes to religious leadership? What locations are most fruitful for teaching religious leadership? What approaches are most fitting for the formation of religious leaders? How might research and experiments expand the current imagination of the academy and the church? In a time when the church, pastoral leadership, and theological education are all in flux, this gathering invites scholarly and imaginative engagement around the formation and teaching of religious leadership in the 21st century.

Call for Papers – Proposals for papers should integrate scholarship and praxis, care about issues important to the formation and teaching of religious leadership today, and align with the organization’s mission. Committed to cultivating a robust conversation, leaders from various locations are encouraged to submit proposals. Leaders could include directors of field education, denominational leaders, DMin and PhD students, professors of leadership, pastors, and researchers.

Proposals for papers are being accepted until January 15, 2018. Proposals should include your thesis, basis for your argument, and your perspective in approaching the topic. Proposals should be no more than 500 words in length and include a brief bio. Email proposals as an attachment to with the subject line: ARL Proposal. Proposals will be considered by the ARL Steering team and decisions made by February 15, 2018. If accepted, a draft of the paper must be submitted prior to the annual meeting by April 1, 2018.

If you have questions, send them to: