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Religious Leadership

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The Academy

The Academy of Religious Leadership (ARL) exists to enhance religious leadership education; convene a scholarly roundtable of leadership educators and professional practitioners for the purpose of faculty development and community; and foster and disseminate leadership education and research.

The Meeting

The ARL Annual Meeting invites scholars and practitioners into thoughtful conversation about the (r)evolutionary vocation of leadership. Our methods:  discussing provocative, original papers/presentations, networking, and imagining an emerging future in the theological education, formation, and ongoing development of religious leaders in a fast-paced, challenging world.

The Journal

The Journal of Religious Leadership is published semi-annually by the Academy of Religious Leadership (ARL). As a peer-reviewed journal, the editorial team assesses articles by four criteria: scholarship (in an effort to promote faithful critical thinking about religious leadership), theological (as ARL is focused on religious leadership, matters of faith and practice are instrumental), expansive (the work of ARL seeks to extend and deepen both religion and leadership), and suggestive (work suggests outcomes, practices, behaviors, implications, etc. for readers to incorporate in their contexts).

Featured in the latest issue of the Journal for Religious Leadership


Presidential Address:
Engaging the Prophetic Dimension of Christian Leadership

Jeffery L. Tribble, Sr.

The theme of the 2020 Virtual Annual Meeting of the Academy of Religious Leadership was “Engaging the Prophetic Dimension of Christian Leadership.” This theme was conceived in the present national context of partisan political leadership, a global pandemic, social unrest, and an outcry for addressing America’s original sin of racism against indigenous people, […]


Prophetic Leadership: What Is It And Does It Matter?

Neil J. Dougall


As I seek to be faithful to my ministerial calling, I address this question: What might it mean to offer prophetic leadership? An incident that made Scotland’s national news catalysed my reflection prompting three questions. (1) What does it mean to be prophetic? I show that it means to paint a picture of God’s alternative reality. (2) How important is prophetic ministry? I demonstrate that it is part of the […]

Book Reviews

Leadership In Christian Perspective: Biblical Foundations In Contemporary Practices For Servant Leaders

By: Justin A. Irving And Mark L. Strauss
Grand Rapids, Mi: Baker Academic, 2019  |  218 Pp. Paperback  | ISBN 978-1-540-96033-7

In Leadership in Christian Perspective, Justin Irving and Michael Strauss present a compelling vision of how Christians might lead in their places of work. Whether this work is in a religious or secular setting, […]