Teaching Resources

Shared Syllabi of Academy members

Barbara Blodgett: Character and Leadership| LM671 | download tags: congregational leadership, personal leadership, race and ethnicity

Scott Cormode: Leadership| LD500 | download tags:concepts, application, online

Terri Elton: Theological Leadership in Addressing Change and Conflict| CL4525 | download tags: change, conflict, congregations, online

Terri Elton: Innovation within Congregations and other Faith-based Communities | LD0540 | download tags: innovation, design thinking, case study, hybrid (residential and online)

Mark Lau Branson: Missional Church and Leadership | PM514 | download   tags: ecclesiology, Missio Dei, congregational leadership, personal leadership

Valerie Miles-Tribble: Church Leadership- Navigating Administration, Management, and Politics| FT1130 | download tags: ecclesial leadership, boards, budgets, staff, social location, systems

Valerie Miles-Tribble: Practical Theology – Praxis in Black Lives Matter Times | FTCE4050 | download tags: interdisciplinary, theoethics, public witness, seminar

Mark Miller-McLemore: Pastoral Lives: Readings in Ministry | DIV5230 | download  tags:formation, pastors, identity

Mark Miller-McLemore: Prophetic Ministry in Mainline Congregations | DIV5232 | download tags: prophetic, mainline, congregations, transformation

Andy Rowell: Organizational Leadership and Church Governance| ML615 | download tags: polity, organizational leadership, conflict, ecclesiology, seminary

Steve Thomason and Terri Elton: Missional Leadership |CL7522 | download tags: leadership theory, location, research, personal leadership, case, DMin

Jeffery Tribble: Introduction to Christian Leadership | P510 | download tags: biblical, adaptive, emotional intelligence, financial, case study, hybrid

Jeffery Tribble: Introductory Seminar – Church and Ministry | I721 | download tags: nature of church, complexity, practical theology, innovation, DMin

Jeffery Tribble: The Art of Reading Congregations | P515| download tags: ethnography, research, theological interpretation

Jeffery Tribble: The Beloved Community: Intro to Public Ministry | P516 | download tags: public sphere, urban, case study

Jeffery Tribble: Transformative Pastoral Leadership | P885 | download tags: change, case study, reflective leadership, hybrid, DMin

Jeffery Tribble: Congregational Leadership and Administration | P512 | download tags: identity, congregational studies, administration

Jeffery Tribble: Pastoral Leadership in the African-American Experience | P662 | download tags: Black Church, poverty, women, young adults, case studies

Michael Wilson and Melvin Baber: Developing Leaders | IS230 | download tags: personal leadership, emotional intelligence, culture

Terry Young: Leadership and Navigating Change | LE632OL | download tags: change, online, story design