Volume 21, Number 2 | Autumn 2022

Book reviews in the current issue of the Journal of Religious Leadership

Call for Book Reviews. Book Review editor Michael Wilson has a list of books to review (you’ll receive a free book!). Or suggest your own. To see the list, or propose a review of your choosing, email Michael. No unsolicited reviews accepted.

Current Reviews

Leading With The Sermon: Preaching As Leadership

By:William H. Willimon

Reviewed by Neil Dougall

Faithful Leaders And The Things That Matter Most

By: Rico Tice

Reviewed by Ricardo P. Moore

Managing The Unexpected: Sustained Performance In A Complex World, 3rd. Ed.

By: Karl E. Weick and Kathleen M. Sutcliffe
Reviewed by Thomas F. Tumblin

Understanding Christian Leadership

By: Ian Parkinson
Reviewed by Alan Wilson