You Are What You Love: The Spiritual Power Of Habit

By: James K. A. Smith
Grand Rapids: Mi, Brazos, 2016  |  210 Pp. Hardback  | Isbn 978-1-587-43380-1

Why do you eat that cookie you know you don’t need and that you were determined not to eat? And why do damaging patterns like this continue? Smith argues that rather than human behavior being largely logical and led by the brain, it is primarily instinctive and originates in our gut. Humans are largely “visceral not cerebral” beings (33) shaped by cultural practices that function as liturgies, some of which are acquired intentionally, but many of which are absorbed from our environment. According to Smith, “we unconsciously learn to love rival kingdoms because we don’t realize we’re participating in rival liturgies” (37).

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Reviewed by:
Neil Dougall
St. Andrew Blackadder Church
North Berwick, Scotland
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