Ecclesial Leadership As Friendship: Explorations In Practical, Pastoral, and Empirical Theology

By: Chloe Lynch
London and New York: Routledge, 2019 | 258 pp. Hardback | ISBN 978-0-367-02893-0

Books on leadership are myriad, but books that dissect the presuppositions of leadership are few. In Ecclesial Leadership as Friendship, Chloe Lynch serves the church with thorough scholarship as she carefully analyzes models that shape the ecclesiastical scene. Managerial (12) and servant leadership (63) paradigms receive attention due to their infiltration in ecclesial models. Managerial patterns seek to shape the church’s work in organizational categories mimicking business styles (19). Servant- leader patterns seek to find refuge in Jesus’ servant work on earth but fail to adequately conceptualize a holistic understanding of the telos of Jesus’ earthly ministry. Furthermore, such models tend to proof-text their ways through Scriptures, which end up presenting a less-than-divine Christ.

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Reviewed by:
Uriesou Brito
Providence Church (CREC)
Pensacola, Florida
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