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The Journal of Religious Leadership is the semi-annual, peer-review publication of the Academy. Begun in 2002, the Journal seeks to provide excellence in scholarship for theological educators around the broad issues of leadership, administration, and finance. The Journal welcomes unsolicited submissions for publication, following the submission guidelines, emailed to the editor at Full-text articles are made available here one year after their publications. This periodical is indexed in the ATLA Religion Database®, a product of the American Theological Library Association, 300 S. Wacker Drive, Suite 2100, Chicago, Illinois 60606.

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Fall 2013, Vol. 12/2
Spring 2013, Vol. 12/1

Pastoral Leadership for Police in Crisis by Alex Evans

Theology for Transcending Culture in Leadership: The Mission of God in Conversation with the Cultural Dimension of Power Distance by Shelley Trebesch

Leadership in Effective and Growing Australian Congregations: A Study of Three Cases by Ian Hussey

The Theorist, the Tactician, and the Translator: Faith-Based Peacemaking and Leadership by Peter M. Sensenig

Mapping Interfaith Leadership in Richmond, VA by Douglas A. Hicks and Rachel Templeton

Book Reviews


Fall 2012, Vol. 11/2

Fall 2012 Full Edition
Table of Contents

The Teaching of Leadership by Norma Cook Everist
Insisto Rector: Provocative Play for Serious Leadership Learning by Russell W. West and Robert K. Martin

Learning Religious Leadership in Situ by Willem Houts and David R. Sawyer

The Ecology of Vocation by Scott Cormode, Emily Click, Terri Elton, Theresa Latini, Susan Maros, and Lisa Withrow


Spring 2012, Vol. 11/1

Spring.2012 Full Edition Table of Contents      Introduction

Presence, Disjunction, and Intention: A Woman’s Reflection on Leadership by Ruth Anne Reese

Identity, God-talk, and Self-Critical Reflection in Religious Leadership: Contributions from a Latino/a Perspective by Isabel N. Docampo

Religious Leaders as Facilitators of Meaning Making by Sandra F. Selby

Not My Father’s Seminary: Leadership Lessons for a New President by Katharine Rhodes Henderson

It Takes So Much Energy: Female Tempered Radicals in Christian Congregations by Diane Zemke

Leadership: A Calling of Courage and Imagination by Sally Dyck

Book Reviews


Fall 2011, Vol. 10/2 – whole edition

Religious Leadership in Global Perspective: Learning Leadership From Our International Neighbors by Thomas F. Tumblin

What Does it Take to Learn Leadership Across Cultural and Religious Boundaries? Perspectives, observations, and Suggestions from a Cross-cultural Location by Carlos F. Cardoza-Orlandi

A Practical Theology of Leadership with International Voices by Mark Lau Branson and Juan Francsico Martinez

Spiritual Leadership and Transformational Change Across Cultures: The SLI Leadership Incubator by Bryan D. Sims and J. Paulo Lopes

Embracing the Other: Toward an Ethic of Gospel Neighborliness by Kyle W. Herron


Spring 2011, 10/1

Prophet Leadership: Engagement in Counter-Imagination by Walter Brueggemann

Role Negotiation and Congregational Leadership by Raymond A. Reddicliffe

Successful Leadership in the Early Years of Ministry: Reflections for Leadership Formation in Theological Education by Kyle Small

Participants with God: A Perichoretic Theology of Leadership by Jim Horsthuis

Revaluing “Self-Care” as a Practice of Ministry by Mark Miller-McLemore


Fall 2010, Vol. 9/2

Full Volume 9/2       Introduction: Charisma and Religious Leadership by Douglas A. Hicks

Charismatic Leadership in the Church: What the Apostle Paul has to Say to Max Weber by Rob Muthiah

Charismatic Leaders as Team Leaders: An Evaluation Focused on Pastoral Leaderhsip by Douglas A. Tilstra

Using Charisma to Shape Interpretive Communities in Multiethmic Congregations by Craig Hendrickson

Transitioning from Charismatic Founder to the Next Generation by William M. Kondrath


Spring 2010, Vol. 9/1

A Calm in the Tempest: Developing Resilience in Religious Leaders by David Forney

Improvisation and the Practice of Ministry by Deborah J. Kapp

Shepherd or One of the Sheep: Revisiting the Biblical Metaphor of the Pastorate by Quentin P. Kinnison

Learning, Changing, and Doing: A Model for Transformational Leadership Development in Religious and Non-Profit Organizations by Skip Bell


Fall 2009, Vol. 8/2

Full Volume 8/2      Volume Introduction by Lisa Withrow

Via the Broken Ones: Towards a Phenomenological Theology of Ecclesial leadership in Post-Apartheid South Africa by Elizabeth Petersen and Jannie Swart

A Mighty Fortress: Religious Commitment and Leading for the Common Good by D. Michael Lindsay

A God at the Margins?: Marcella Althaus-Reid and the Marginality of LGBT People by Stephen V. Sprinkle

Transformational/Servant Leadership: A Potential Synergism for an Inclusive Leadership Stlye by Steve Echols

The Center/Margin Leadership Dance: Intergrating Experience in Education and Formation by Karen Dalton

Book Reviews


Spring 2009, Vol. 8/1

The Integrity of Ministry: Communicative Theology and the Leadership of Congregations by Michael Jinkins

Interpretive Leadership During Social Dislocation: Jeremiah and Social Imaginary by Mark Lau Branson

A Contemplative Empiricism: Methodological Musings for an Artisanal Theology in Religious Leadership Formation by Lisa M. Hess

Reframing the Economics of Pastoral Leadership by Douglas A. Hicks

Culture, American Feudalism, and the Conundrum of Leadership by George B. Thompson, Jr.


Fall 2008, Vol. 7/2

Full Volume 7/2

Gaining Perspective on the Theme of Change by Craig Van Gelder

Leading in the Midst of Change by Terri Martinson Elton

Change: Exploring Its Implications for Religious Leadership – A Pedagogical Inquiry by Lisa R. Withrow

Improv in the Streets: Missional Leadership as Public Improvisational Identity Formation by Scott J. Hagley

Christian Leadership as Communion Imagination in the Public Networking of Organizational Companionship by Jannie Swart


Spring 2008, Vol. 7/1

Threats to the Formation of Pastoral Leaders in Theological Education: Insights from the Tavistock Model of Group Relations by Kenneth J. McFayden

Speaking Grace, Making Space: The Art of Worship Leadership by Kimberly Bracken Long

First Love and Second Loves: Revisioning a Paradigm of Hope for Pastors by Michael McNichols

Church Leadership in the New Testament and Today: An Interview with David L. Bartlett by David G. Forney


Fall 2007, Vol. 6/2

Defining the Issues Related to Power and Authority in Religious Leadership by Craig Van Gelder

Success and the Prosperity Gospel: From Commodification to Transformation a Wesleyan Perspective by Lisa R. Withrow

The Trinity, Leadership, and Power by Dwight J. Zscheile

The Trinity Applied: Creating Space for Changed Lives by Thomas F. Tumblin

In the Market of the Cupid Vendors: Foucauldian and Post-Foucauldian Critiques of Ecclesial Power and Leadership by Stephen V. Sprinkle

Betwixt and Between: The Power of Teaching from the Perspective of Immigrants by Alan Ka Lun Lai


Spring 2007, Vol. 6/1

Theological Interdisciplinarity and Religious Leadership by Lisa M. Hess

Leading With Wounds: A Liability or Gift? by David Goodman

The Secret of Marketplace Leadership Success: Constructing a Comprehensive Framework for the Effective Integration of Leadership, Faith, and Work by Mark L. Russell

Learning, Leadership, and Rapid Change by Sarah Birmingham Drummond


Spring and Fall 2006, Vols. 5/1 and 5/2

Volume Introduction by David G. Forney and Craig Van Gelder

Understanding Polity in Relationship to the DNA of Denominations by Craig Van Gelder

To the One Outside the Gate: A Missional Approach to Polity by David G. Forney

Doing the Unspeakable: Identifying, Developing, and Supporting Leadership Among Quakers by Thomas H. Jeavons

From Connection to Corporatization: Leadership Trends in United Methodism by Thomas Edward Frank

Ordination Procedures in the Lutheran Church by Connie Kleingartner , Richard H. Warneck , and Richard N. Stewart

A More True “Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society”: Twoard a Missional Polity for the Episcopal Church by Dwight Zscheile

Book Reviews


Spring and Fall 2005, Vols. 4/1 and 4/2

Guest Editors’ Note by Craig Van Gelder and Lovett H. Weems, Jr.

Addressing the Question of Canon in the Teaching of Religious Leadership by Craig Van Gelder and Lovett H. Weems, Jr.

Theological Curriculum at Methodist Theological School in Ohio by Lisa R. Withrow

Integrative Church Leadership: Columbia Theological Seminary’s Approach by David G. Forney

Serving The Promise of Our Mission: Leadership at Luther Seminary by Sheila Strobel Smith

A “Sense of Reality”: How Austin Theological Seminary Teaches Leadership by Michael Jinkins

Teaching and Learning Leadership at McCormick Theological Seminary by Deborah Kapp

The Teaching of Leadership at Union Theological Seminary and Presbyterian School of Christian Education (Union-PSCE) by Kenneth J. McFayden

Teaching Leadership at the International Theological Center (ITC) by George B. Thompson, Jr.

Leadership Studies at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary by Steve Echols and Joe Sherrer

Teaching Leadership at Asbury Theological Seminary: The Master of Arts in Christian Leadership (MACL) by Rick Gray

Theorizing Religiously-Based Organization Leadership: Mapping the Intersections by Russell W. West with John Stoeckle

Book Reviews


Spring and Fall 2004, Vols. 3/1 and 3/2

“Mind the Gap”: Closing the Distance between Theological Method,Theological Education, and Practical Theology for Religious Leadership by Robert K. Martin

Getting Our Bearings: A Schema for Three Ways of Knowing by David G. Forney

Method in Light of Scriptures and in Relation to Hermeneutics by Craig Van Gelder

Sensemaking, Discernment, and Religious Leadership by Lisa R. Berlinger and Thomas F. Tumblin

Dwelling in the Divine Life: The Transformational Dimension of Leadership and Practical Theology by Robert K. Martin

The Hermeneutics of Leading in Mission by Craig Van Gelder

A Reflex Model of Leadership Development: A Concept Paper by Russell W. West

Constructing Faithful Action: Inculcating a Method for Reflective Ministry by Scott Cormode

Book Reviews


Fall 2003, Vol. 2/2

Writing Cases in Leadership: An Occasion for Pastoral Reflection by Thomas Edward Frank

Five Loaves for Five Thousand: Practices of Abundance for Religious Leaders in Situations of Conflict by David G. Forney

Leadership in Ecclesial Contexts: Integration of Art and Competence by Sharon Henderson Callahan

The Behavioral Competency Approach to Effective Ecclesial Leadership by Lisa R. Berlinger

Church-Based Theological Education: When the Seminary Goes Back to Church by Russell W. West

Christian Practices, Congregational Leadership, and the Priesthood of All Believers by Robert Muthiah

Leadership and Theory: A Practitioner’s Reflection by Michael Jinkins

Book Reviews


Spring 2003, Vol. 2/1

Loving God with Our Minds: The Vocation of the Theological Education in the Life and Leadership of the Church , by Michael Jinkins

Religion and Respectful Pluralism in the Workplace: A Constructive Framework by Douglas A. Hicks

Leadership For Congregational Vitality: Paradigmatic Explorations in Open Systems Organizational Culture Theory by George B. Thompson, Jr.

Envy: A Study in Church Leadership from an Alternative, Biblical Vision by Lew Parks

Reaching the “Tipping Point”: Fostering a Culture of the Call in the United Methodist Church by David McAllister-Wilson

Book Reviews


Fall 2002, Vol. 1/2

Docents in the House of Wonder: Pastoral Leadership, Spiritual Transformation and the Sacred Other by Michael Jinkins

Chaos Theory and Paul’s Organizational Leadership by Richard S. Ascough

Gender, Power and Leadership by Norma Cook Everist

Multi-Layered Leadership: The Christian Leader as Builder, Shepherd and Gardner by Scott Cormode

Book Reviews


Spring 2002, Vol. 1/1

Editorial Standards for the Journal of Religious Leadership by Scott Cormode

The Discourse of Leadership and the Practice of Administration by Thomas Edward Frank

Toward a Redemptive Organization by Thomas F. Tumblin

Shifting Images of Church Invite New Leadership Frames by Sharon Henderson Callahan

Encountering God in the Image of Christ: Iconic Leadership by Robert K. Martin

The Practice of Christian Governance by L. Greg Jones

Book Reviews

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